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With an academic background in environmental science and close to eight years of dedicated experience, Masroor’s professional journey has been deeply rooted in advancing the vital nexus between environmental sustainability and public health. His expertise lies predominantly in spearheading initiatives centered around green and climate-resilient healthcare, alongside addressing the critical issue of air pollution. In the realm of research, he has contributed significantly to expanding knowledge and understanding through rigorous investigations into the intricate connections between environmental factors and human health outcomes. Moreover, his commitment extends to nurturing future leaders and practitioners in this field through comprehensive training and capacity-building programs aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle complex environmental health challenges effectively. Furthermore, he has a proven track record in effective communication, employing various channels to disseminate critical information, raise awareness, and advocate for policy changes essential for promoting environmentally sustainable healthcare practices. Through these efforts, Masroor strives to catalyze positive change and foster a healthier, more resilient future for communities worldwide.

As the manager of the Health and Environment Leadership Platform (HELP), the India arm of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals initiative, his work in the area of Environmental Health encompasses several key areas. Primarily, HELP focuses on promoting green and climate-resilient healthcare practices in India. This involves close engagement with healthcare systems on various programs, including initiatives such as Race to Zero, which aims at achieving net-zero emissions, and efforts related to climate mitigation and adaptation. Through capacity building and training programs, HELP works to empower healthcare professionals and institutions to adopt sustainable practices and mitigate their environmental impact. Additionally, he has co-authored research reports on critical environmental issues such as air pollution and the health implications of stubble burning. These reports likely delve into the adverse effects of air pollution on public health, particularly focusing on the specific issue of stubble burning and its impact on farmers’ health. By conducting research and disseminating findings, HELP contributes to raising awareness and advocating for policies and practices that address environmental health challenges. His work within HELP involves a multifaceted approach that combines advocacy, research, and collaborative efforts with healthcare stakeholders to promote a greener, healthier future for India’s healthcare sector and its communities.