Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay

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Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay

Senior Program Manager

Environmental Health

Ashutosh is a plant biologist by training, and he has worked on various projects in the fields of plant taxonomy, biodiversity conservation, ethnobotany, human-animal conflict mitigation, and conservation of threatened flora and fauna in India. He has authored research papers on the flora of India and the use of wild plants among the indigenous tribes of India. He has worked as a senior manager in the environment vertical to drive CSR initiatives within this vertical and suggest well-thought-out interventions in different regions of India.

Ashutosh has joined the Centre for Environmental Health (CEH) for expanding its activities by providing support in research, education and advocacy about the effects of Environment both natural and man-made on human health. He is actively involved in responding to RFP’s and developing project proposals for seeking funds in the area of climate change and health.